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How It’s Made Schedule

September 13th, 2012 By admin

How It’s Made Schedule

The episode of How It’s Made that we are featured in will be airing on The Science Channel. The times and days are listed below. If you are unable to catch one of these times, or would prefer to watch it online you can click here and you will be directed to Amazon. For only $1.99 you can download and watch the video anytime.


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Check Out Our Community Funded Project!

August 16th, 2012 By admin


Panda Bicycles Community Funded Project

The Project:

Panda Bicycles has created two new sport sock designs that we want to get on people’s feet. We are working with a Denver based company to have them manufactured right down the road for riders and runners all over the US. This move into bicycle apparel gives Panda the opportunity to share its passion and story with a wider audience and provide a high-quality product that promotes getting out and enjoying life. The launch of these new products will help Panda Bicycles achieve its goal of having locally made, quality products soft goods that support and reflect  our bicycle line and the Panda brand.

Why This Is Important:

This project is important to Panda because we want to give people all the tools to go out and experience a fulfilling two-wheeled existence. We love what we do here and we want to share that with others. Because not everyone can have a bike built by us, we want to offer other smartly designed functional products that reflect the lifestyle that we enjoy here in Northern Colorado. After all, we choose to do business in Fort Collins because this community really reflects our values around bicycling, sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We want this move into the apparel side of the bike industry to grow our brand and promote the healthy, fun, exciting lifestyle that we enjoy in Northern Colorado. Help us tell this story, grow our company, and get a sweet new pair of socks!

The Panda Promise:

Since our inception in early 2009, Panda has tried to give back to the Northern Colorado community, and we know this launch of our new sock designs will allow us to do more of that. With successful completion of the Community Funded Project, Panda will be able to grow our product offering, expand our brand, and become more competitive in the bike industry. With that, Panda will fulfill all giftbacks for pledges to this project. Moreover, Panda will give 1% of the profit earned on this product line to support local non-profits dedicated to bike advocacy and safety in Fort Collins.

Our awesome team can make this an ongoing success. We have come a long way in a few short years and have made quite a splash in the bike industry with limited resources. Panda wants to continue to innovate in bicycle and bike-apparel design and function. This will get us one step closer to having a full product suite that meets the needs of bicyclists all over the world, and helps us give more back to the community that we love. Feel free to ask questions or post comments on our Facebook page (and feel free to “like” us while you’re there). Thanks for choosing to support local innovation, design and manufacturing. Together we can indeed Go Far and Do Good.

Onward and upward,

The Panda Bicycles team


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Tour de Farms

August 13th, 2012 By admin

We are thrilled to announce we will be sponsoring the Tour de Farms in Fort Collins this year on August 25th! We will be helping to coordinate the various stations that the ride will stop at, and we will be providing a mechanic to help those on the ride with any repairs that are needed to have a safe and fun ride this year. Please join us for a great day of riding and visiting farms followed by a delicious lunch made from local foods. 

“Join the Sustainable Living Association and Panda Bicycles for the 7th annual Tour de Farms. Riders will be able to join on a leisurely 8 mile tour to various farms and gardens. Visit cutting edge urban agriculture projects, hear presentations from farmers, gain tools and knowledge for your own garden, find out ways you can support area efforts to strengthen our local food system and eat delicious local food with delicious local people.

Plus, you can stay connected to your new gardening and biking community with a discussion forum only available to tour participants. Tour de Farms highlights important elements of sustainable communities and our local living economy. Enjoy the future of food!”

Tour de Farms – August 25, 2012
8:30 am to 1:30 pm
Tickets : $25, limited to 50 people, includes lunch

Register by clicking here!

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Velo Vino – Bikes and wine…a match made in heaven

July 20th, 2012 By admin

” Velo Vino is a unique place where the passions of cycling and wine are celebrated and blended. A road less traveled where you can taste Clif Family wines, sample the latest Clif Bar flavors, experience farm fresh, locally grown food and embark on a world-class cycling excursion, all right in the heart of the Napa Valley.”

Last March the Panda team traveled to Sacramento for the North American Handmade Show. It happened that one of our good friends from On The Wheel Glassware connected us with the lovely folks at the Clif Family Winery and Velo Vino (their tasting room). The three companies partnered together to create a bicycle-centric lifestyle display for NAHBS. It was a beautiful blend of three companies coming together to tell one story. We envisioned a couple Panda bicycles loaded up with a picnic and some amazing wine, headed to a pleasant little spot to enjoy the day. After the bike show was over we were fortunate enough to pack everything up and head down to wine country. Everyone one at Velo Vino welcomed us in as if we were long time friends. They were such amazing hosts and invited us to taste a selection of their excellent wines and artfully crafted gourmet mixes. The evening was one to remember to say the least! Friends chatting over wine and talking about bicycles ,while taking in the beautiful scenery Napa Valley had to offer. If you are ever in their neighborhood we highly recommend that you stop into their tasting room and experience it for yourself. However, if you won’t be out their way anytime soon you can create a similar experience right in your own home. They ship all over the US. Then you can have a post ride party of your own by pouring any of the wonderful Clif Family wines  into your favorite On The Wheel glasses for you and all of your closest friends. Be sure to take the time to slow down and truly enjoy life!

Go Far. Do Good.

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Help us support our friend Charly

June 20th, 2012 By admin

Charly is one of our close friends here at Panda and we are helping him out by spreading the word about his Community Funded project. One of the rewards for being a top level donor to the project is your very own custom Panda bicycle.

A little bit about the CharlyBar Project:

CharlyBar is a handmade, gourmet, nutritional bar, made in Fort Collins, CO. We use only the highest quality ingredients, with nothing processed and no preservatives. We do not use cheap fillers or sweeteners like rice crisps or corn syrup. The main goals of CharlyBar is to be a provider of truly healthy foods at a price that is reachable for everyone, promote youth health and wellness with the CharlyBar Fund and provide a fun and healthy work environment.

For Charly, this project is like moving out of his parents basement and out on his own. CharlyBar is doing great, but he do not have access to the capital needed to expand his business, so this Community Funded project could provide the opportunity to find the resources that he needs. Charly has been developing the CharlyBar concept for about three years now and he feels he is ready to take the leap and offer his product to a broader market. The Mountain West States are full of active people and it is a great place to grow an energy bar company. His goal is to expand his kitchen and purchase better equipment to meet the greater demand.

Please check out his Community Funded Project by clicking the link below. There are only 6 days left and we want to see him reach his goal! Thanks for everyone’s support!

CharlyBar Community Funded

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Ride the Rockies is right around the corner and jerseys are in!

June 5th, 2012 By admin

We are so excited to be a part of The Denver Posts, Ride the Rockies again this year. The ride will kick off from Gunnison on Sunday the 10th. Panda and ZeroHero are both part of the Green Jersey again this year! Each day a limited edition green jersey will be awarded to a cyclist that the “Green Rider” catches supporting Ride The Rockies’ Tread Lightly initiatives. A jersey will be awarded daily at 5:00 p.m. at the entertainment site.
Do your part to offset your personal travel on Ride The Rockies and any of your other travels this summer!

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Vogue Magazine- Top Ten Most Wanted Eco Fashions

April 19th, 2012 By admin

In honor of Earth Day this weekend, Vogue singled out ten, totally stylish eco-friendly pieces—for everything from your closet to your home—that will make a big impact in your life while leaving only a small one on the planet. We made the list of their top ten most wanted with our beautiful blue city bike. We build extraordinary bikes for extraordinary people, add this bike to your spring and summer wardrobe and you will be sure to turn some heads!

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Sure we build bikes, but do you know we fix ‘em too?

April 12th, 2012 By admin

Panda’s headquarters in downtown Fort Collins (affectionately called “The Greenhouse” because it is where we “grow” bikes) is where we lovingly build bicycles for people all over the world. But our shop is more than that… we also have a showroom where one can see our latest and greatest builds, check out our growing apparel line, and get your bike serviced by the great Panda builders. That’s right- we also offer maintenance and service for all kinds of bikes, not just Pandas. We do this because we want people to be get out there ride. If we can help people stay on their bikes, then we are happy to do it. By offering a full service menu, we promote bicycling for riders of all kinds and keep people safely and happily on the road. So next time you are in the area, stop by The Greenhouse and see all the fun stuff that we get to do everyday! Thanks.

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Velo Orange Blog Post

March 21st, 2012 By admin

Read the VO Blog Post-NAHBS

Panda Bicycles is really happy to see that we made it onto the Velo Orange blog. We enjoy working with their team to outfit our bamboo bikes with beautiful, well made, and stylish components that you can’t find anywhere else. What’s more is that their company culture and outlook on riding is aligned with ours. When we were talking to their team at Interbike last year, we both know that it was a great match and started working together immediately. At Panda Bicycles don’t pretend to build the lightest, stiffest, race-ready bike in the industry. BUT we do make some of the most comfortable, rideable, and artfully crafted bikes out there. We build bicycles for the daily commuters, urban riders, and weekend warriors to get out there and enjoy being on a bike and taking in their surroundings. The robust construction of the Velo Orange components and their classic look hearken back to a bygone era of cycling that many people yearn to get back to, yet they remain true to modern cycling technology and can integrate with modern frames…even those made out of bamboo. We are passionate about making the world a better place through meaningful interaction with our with our surroundings. Through our bicycles we want to bring artistry to performance, to trek boldly and tread lightly, and to seek fulfillment in simplicity. The Velo Orange packages that we put on our frames help us do this and gives people the opportunity to engage with the sights, sounds, and smells of our environment. After all, most of us are not racers. But we do love riding. We are proud to put such well designed and functional components on our frames, which is why all of our bikes come standard with Velo Orange packages. Now get out there and go for a ride! Go far. Do good.

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Bike Rumor’s artical from NAHBS 2012 on Bamboo Builders

March 13th, 2012 By admin

Be sure to check out this article about the bamboo bicycle builders that were at NAHBS this year. Bike Rumor put up some great pictures of our bikes from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacramento. Also there is a little sneak peak of our secret design that we will be showing the world on How It’s Made on Discovery Channel this summer.

Bike Rumor-Bamboo Builders NAHBS 2012

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