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Passion for Bicycle-centric Sustainable Living

Unmatched Ride Feel
The fusion of bamboo tubes and steel lugs yields a supple yet responsive frame that gives you an unparalleled smooth ride. It’s stiff where you need it and soft where you want it. This frame won’t beat you up on long rides or regular commutes. You will look forward to jumping back on your Panda as soon as you can.

Durable Construction
Panda uses the strongest species of bamboo on the planet, with an extremely high tensile strength, the bamboo and steel lug design of the bamboo bike are second to none.  Naturally hearty, the bamboo is non-corrosive and finished to be impervious to the elements, giving you outstanding rideability for years to come.

Safe for You and the Planet
The specific species of bamboo that Panda uses is amazingly tough stuff. Its unique material characteristics, which are very similar to steel, mean that it will not catastrophically fail like other materials- especially carbon fiber. Moreover, the species of bamboo that Panda uses is sustainably farmed and processed, making your Panda bike an earth friendly machine.

Exacting build standards
Panda hand crafts more than just a gorgeous bike. Quality is the cornerstone of the unique ride of every Panda Bicycle. We strive to exceed the highest quality standards in the industry. Our scrupulous attention to detail and ultra tight tolerances mean that when we build you a bamboo bike, we build it right.

Exceeds ASTM Standard
Our frames have been tested at Colorado State University’s engineering department and a leading frame certification lab to exceed the rigorous ASTM standards. Our frames have been loaded with over twelve hundred pounds with no sign of failure. The ruggedness of steel and high tensile strength of bamboo are designed to last.

Ride On!™ Warranty
We have a five-year warranty on all of our frames to give you peace of mind when you invest in a Panda Bicycle.

One of a Kind
Like our customers, every piece of bamboo is unique and different. This means that every Panda Bicycle is a unique one of a kind bike. When you invest in a Panda you know that there is not another bike like it on the planet.

Proprietary Technology
Panda Bicycles has a unique patent pending joint design and manufacturing process that allows us to construct strong, durable, long-lasting bikes. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs. We designed and developed our technology to offer superb ride characteristics and long term value.

Superior Artistry and Design
Panda Bicycles are functional pieces of art. In addition to skilled craftsmen, we have Mother Nature as a member of our design team. Our bikes have been displayed in art galleries and museums. We concentrate on the artistic details of the bike just as much as we do on the performance.

Custom Options
We love sharing creative ideas with our customers. We can work with you to add paint and finishing touches to make the bike uniquely yours.