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        The Action


        "The Action" is a city bike design that captures a vintage English country cruiser look with modern cycling accoutrements, like the single chain-ring up front with the 9 speed cassette in the rear. The lugged frame construction provides a great under-saddle feel, while the bamboo seat tube adds a smoothness and level of vibration dampening that steel alone cannot provide. This bike is designed to be in action - whether you are rambling down country roads, cruising through city streets, or rolling on an Inn to Inn tour. This bike can be easily incorporated into one’s daily routine with serious comfort and unforgettable style. It is only available directly through Panda Bicycles in limited edition.

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        The Legacy


        "The Legacy" is a beautiful performance machine that gives you comfort and style as you explore open roads, hidden valleys, and mountain passes. This light weight, touring-inspired road frame is designed to give you a smooth-as-butter ride as a function of the unique natural vibration dampening characteristics of the bamboo. At the same time it offers all of the lateral stiffness you need to stay nimble on burley climbs and rocket-like descents. The Legacy is road tested on the passes of Colorado’s own Rocky Mountains, where it performs like a champ and continues to turn heads. A wonderful marriage of leading edge cycling technology and the highest quality natural materials, The Legacy does not fail to deliver a ride (and style) unlike anything else on the road today.

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        The Natural


        "The Natural" is a classy ride with a down-to-earth demeanor. The bamboo and steel combo yield a laid back smooth ride with complete commuter functionality. With design elements borrowed from mother nature, this bike frame exudes cool comfortable style with an eco-friendly touch of modern bike technology. You will feel right at home cruising the streets of Amsterdam, commuting to the office, or picking up veggies from the local farmers market. Each one-of-a-kind "The Natural" come equipped with a color-matched fork and rack, giving you the added functionality and extra style points.

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        The One


        Panda Bicycles are the only steel lugged bamboo bikes in the world. "The One" is designed to be a street smart commuter with an elegant flair and green sensibilities. The bamboo frame and steel joints make for a supple yet responsive ride and enough pop to get you around town feeling great and looking even better. Ride "The One" to your favorite dive bar or fine art gallery - just don’t let them hang it on the wall. This bad boy is meant to be ridden!